Papa’s Walk Challenge: Fail.

It’s official.  I failed the “Papa’s Walk Challenge.”

My intention was to follow in Papa’s footsteps and walk every day for one year, beginning on Father’s Day 2013. I made it through 140 days. Then, I blew my knee out on Saturday, Lemons in White BowlNovember 2nd. I thought it was healing, but on Wednesday, November 6th, I stood up and heard a loud pop from my knee, followed by intense pain. Long story short, it’s taken two months for my knee to heal. Today, Sunday,  December 29th, was my first long walk (2 miles) in almost 2 months.

Having failed the original challenge, I’ve learned that sometimes, regardless of the best intentions, you just don’t have any control over circumstances.  “You gotta roll with the punches,” as Papa used to say. “It’s a waste of time and energy to let it upset you. You just take it in stride and do what you can to make it better.”

Although I failed the challenge, I discovered during the time I couldn’t walk that I really enjoyed not blogging on an almost daily basis.  When I started the challenge last June, I wanted to blog about my daily “Papa’s Walk” as a way to stay accountable. Now, because I enjoy walking so much, it’s become a habit and I don’t need the added incentive to get out there.

So, since I’ve begun walking again, I’ll only post when I see or experience something really extraordinary.  I can tell you that today, aside from the countless holiday decorations throughout my neighborhood, I was astounded by the number of lemon trees that I saw laden with lemons ready to harvest. Perhaps it was a reminder from the universe that when life hands you lemons – make lemonade.