Make Your Own Toys!

Homemade toys are a great father-child bonding experience. They encourage creativity and enjoyment long after the project has been completed. And every time your children play with their new toys they will fondly remember making them with dad. Here are some fun ideas (some that are free, some for a fee) for you to try below:

child cuts with scissorsMake Your Own Science Toys
This website provides complete step-by-step instructions on how to make your own science toys using easily accessible, free and/or cheap materials so that “nobody is excluded because of cost.”

Make a Shoe Box Banjo

Make an Assortment of Musical Instruments 
This website offers instructions on how to make 9 different musical instruments using common household items including:

•Comb Buzzer

Make Your Own Puppets
Get free instructions on how to make a paper bag puppet, or purchase a monster puppet kit.

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk and Crayons
Get free instructions for making your very own sidewalk chalk, or make crayons with this kit.

Picking Out a Christmas Tree with Dad

Christmas Tree FarmPicking out the “perfect” Christmas tree can be a challenge, but if you look at it as an adventure it can be a great father and child bonding experience.

CLICK HERE to learn about the different Christmas tree varieties and let the kids help you decide which one is best for your family.

You can  cut down your own tree at a u-pick Christmas Tree Farm. Use this directory to find one near you.

Of course, you can always visit one of the numerous tree stands that are available at this time of year – and then gather the kids around the computer to take a free virtual field trip to a Christmas Tree Farm.

Whatever way you choose, make it a fun and collaborative experience. Pack some cocoa in a thermos, and have a great time!

Holiday Gifts that Dads and Kids Can Make for Mom

The holidays can be challenging and gift giving is no exception. So here are a few fun crafts (some for free, some for a fee) that dads can do with their children to make lasting memories and provide cherished gifts for mom.

Make Snowflake Decorations
Surprise mom by decorating the house with these awesome 6-pointed paper snowflakes. Watch this free instructional video to learn how.

amaryllisGrow Amaryllis
This flowering plant blooms at this time of year. Purchase a bulb at a nursery and plant it in a decorative pot. It will begin to grow almost as soon as you start to water it. It grows to a height of about 3 feet and blooms into a lily-looking flower in just 4 weeks. Or purchase this Red Amaryllis Growing Kit – complete with bulb, soil, and pot!

Photo Snowglobe
This craft is extremely easy – just use this photo snowglobe kit to nsert a favorite picture into a snowglobe. Just gather the kids and sort through memorable pictures from the past year to find a fave, or use a Christmas card photo to make it more festive.

Christmas Coloring Pages
Get out the crayons and color these free, printable Christmas images from Crayola!

Paint a Mug
Mom will love drinking her morning coffee out of a mug that was hand-decorated by her child. Click here to purchase a kit.

Make Candles and Candle Holders
Click here for free instructions on how to make a variety of candles and candle holders that mom will treasure.

There are some surprisingly nice kits out there for slightly older children. They come complete with all of the tools and beads necessary to make attractive jewelry mom will actually want to wear. Click here for a jewelry kit.

Make a Pomander Ball
You just need an orange, some cloves and a ribbon to make this decorative and spicy-smelling treat for mom. Just follow these free directions.