5 Fun and Easy DIY Gifts for Dad!

Would you like some gift ideas for Father’s Day that are fun, simple, personalized, and inexpensive?  Here are five do-it-yourself activities that are perfect for kids of all ages. With a few supplies (and a little help from you) your children can create memorable gifts for Dad that will last a lifetime!

1.  Frame a picture of your child dressed in his or her father’s clothing. If dad has a distinctive style of dress, and possibly a favorite chair or accessory, this is a quick and quirky gift dad is sure to love. Be sure to set the stage by having your child holding dad’s favorite mug, wearing his watch, or posed in a recognizable “dad” stance. For an added touch, purchase a plain frame from a craft store, and have your child decorate it. You can use paint, stickers, or anything you think will make the project fun and personal.

2.  Make a plaster handprint of your child’s hand. Do you remember the first time you held your child’s hand in yours? I bet dad does too! This very simple gift is charming and sweet. It’s ideal for the sentimental dad. You can use these free do-it-yourself instructions .  Or purchase a handprint casting kit like this one to easily make a beautiful work of art.

3.  Design a mug. This is a fun idea for dads who rely on their morning cup of coffee or tea. You can purchase a travel mug with a paper insert, from most craft stores.  (You can also CLICK HERE to see an example available through Amazon.com: ) Have your child draw, write, or paint their masterpiece. Then, everyday dad can take their handiwork to the office or appreciate it from the kitchen table.

4.  Create and frame a word-association. This activity is inexpensive and can be as elaborate or simple as you want to make it.  One option is to use the word “father” or a phrase like “great dad” and for each letter write out another word that your child associates with him.  Here is an example for the word “Father”:







Frame your child’s work, or if you have multiple children, make a book out of them by tying the pages together with ribbon.

5.  Customize a bookmark. I used to make a personalized bookmark for my sons every year to commemorate their achievements.  I took small pieces of memorabilia, such as movie or concert ticket stubs, coins, cut-outs from photos, a picture of a book they enjoyed, printed words cut from magazines that described their talents or skills, and anything else that had special meaning – as long as it was relatively flat. Next, I glued the pieces in an artful manner onto a bookmark-size strip of sturdy construction paper. Then, I covered the whole thing between two sheets of clear contact paper to hold it together and preserve it. Finally, I punched a hole at the top of the bookmark and threaded a ribbon through it. You can help your kids make a customized bookmark for Dad. Here are some free fun and simple bookmark craft ideas for kids.

Here’s to a very Happy Father’s Day!

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