Let’s Paint Rocks!

Rock painting is a creative way for Dads to engage their children with nature and art. Collect free-range rocks when you’re out walking in the neighborhood or at the river or beach. You can also buy rocks from a craft … Continue reading

Skipping Rocks

When we vacationed at Lake Tahoe or the Sacramento River delta, Papa taught us how to skip rocks across the water. He showed us how to select the best stones to skip across the water: flat-ish, even, smooth, and about … Continue reading

Help Your Kids Start a Collection!

Papa was an avid numismatist (coin collector) and we spent hours sorting through coins to find buffalo nickels, drummer boy quarters, and other U.S. coins of value. Papa passed the joy of coin collecting to my sons as well, and through it we … Continue reading

Make Your Own Toys!

Homemade toys are a great father-child bonding experience. They encourage creativity and enjoyment long after the project has been completed. And every time your children play with their new toys they will fondly remember making them with dad. Here are … Continue reading

Picking Out a Christmas Tree with Dad

Picking out the “perfect” Christmas tree can be a challenge, but if you look at it as an adventure it can be a great father and child bonding experience. CLICK HERE to learn about the different Christmas tree varieties and let … Continue reading

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