Day 105: Good Dads

Today is Day 105 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!

As I started my walk, I came across a Dad who was teaching his two young children (who were riding bicycles) how to cross a very busy street.  He was so patient as he explained why they needed to wait until all of the cars went by, and then look to the left, the right, and the left again before they crossed.

Half a mile later a father and teenage son were taking turns shooting a ball through a basketball hoop. They were having so much fun encouraging each other and celebrating every dunk with a high five.

On my way home I spotted a man cleaning out an older model economy car. As I got closer, I noticed fast food wrappers, empty crushed Red Bull cans, sports equipment, a water shoe, a binder, a backpack, and other garbage and paraphernalia. When I was directly in front of the driveway, the man turned to me and said apologetically, “This is my son’s car. Unbelievable!”

I said, “I thought so, the empty Red Bull cans were a give-away. It reminds me of the stuff in my son’s car.”

“Well, it’s such a mess I thought I’d help him out,” he explained.

“Aw, what a good dad,” I exclaimed.

“That’s what they tell me,” he said.

I continued walking and thought about his last remark.  That father knew he was appreciated by his family because they take the time to let him know what a good dad he is.  Every father should be so lucky.


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