Day 114, 115, & 116: Fun Walks for Fitness!

Days 114, 115, & 116 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!

Things are still a bit hectic around here. My walks have been haphazard – I just walk whenever there’s a lull in all of the activity.

I was thinking that some people  might think going for a walk every day is boring. But you can spice up your walks in ways that will not only lead to physical fitness but mental fitness too!

In fact, I wrote an article titled, Fun Walks for Mental & Physical Fitness to encourage parents to walk with their children with some fun activities you can do on walks including:

  • Early Bird Walkskids walking
  • Weird Walks
  • Emo Walks
  • Kick the Can Walks
  • Scavenger Hunt Walks
  • Word Walks
  • Math Walks
  • Moon Walks
  • Nature Walks

Just click on the link above to read the article. If you have a fun way of walking, tell me about it! Post a message here.  ☺


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