Day 118: Have You Ever Seen a Round Bus?

It’s Day 118 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!  

I walked about 2.5 miles today and as I neared home I saw the oddest thing – a round bus! No kidding!  The entire body of the blue vehicle was round, not rectangular. boom bus

It was parked on the street in front of a house. I walked all the way around it and noticed a bunch of music festival and rock radio stickers on the back of the bus, as well as the letters “UE Boom” and the website address

When I got home, I looked it up on the Internet and discovered it’s a promotional vehicle for a round music speaker by Logitech.

The Boom Bus is on tour visiting music festivals and extreme sporting events to give people an opportunity to touch, feel, and hear the round sound system. I guess the Boom Bus driver lives in or was visiting someone in my neighborhood.

You can see more pictures and learn all about it by visiting Figure Plant, the company that designed and made the Boom Bus for Logitech.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I learn about the coolest stuff on my walks!


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