Day 138 & 139: Halloween & Dia de los Muertos!

Days 138 and 139 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!  

Yesterday was Halloween and today is Dia de Los Muertos. I enjoyed walking around the neighborhood to take in all of the fun decorations. A large percentage skullof front lawns have been transformed into graveyards with coffins and headstones – and this year, there were lots of skeletons!

One house displayed a graveyard with 4 skeletons seated at a card table playing poker and drinking whiskey, a skeleton chef standing at a barbecue with an apron that had the words “Killin’ and Grillin'” written in blood on it, a bride and groom skeleton, a pirate skeleton (straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean), a skeleton grim reaper, and an assortment of bones, ghouls, and ghosts. It looked like a Hollywood horror movie set!

I wonder if the rise in popularity of skeleton decorations is because of the increase in celebrations of Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead (on November 1st and 2nd). This Mexican holiday tradition, when families remember and honor relatives and friends who have died, is becoming more prevalent in California culture.

In fact, Redwood City (where I live) is having its first “Dia de los Muertos” celebration on November 1st. I think I’ll honor Papa’s memory by walking downtown and joining the festivities.

If you want to learn more about Dia de los Muertos, visit Monica Oivera’s website, MommyMaestra. She’s a homeschool mom and writer and recipient of the Latinos in Social Media’s “Best Latina Education Blogger” award.

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