Day 17: Snake Walk!

It’s Day 16 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!

On my walk today, I noticed that the “snakes” are in bloom throughout my neighborhood!  Let me explain…

agapantha budWhen my son was about four-years-old he came running into the kitchen wearing just cartoon underwear, a yellow agapantha 3cape, red rain boots, and brandishing a toy sword. He proudly announced, “Mommy, I killed all of the snakes in the garden!”

When I went outside to see what he could possibly mean – I saw that he had chopped down all of the agapantha buds that were getting ready to bloom. With just a little imagination, the buds do look like cobra snakes poised and ready to strike.

We didn’t have the showy blue and purple agapantha blooms in our garden that summer, but I did get a memory that makes me smile every year when I see the “snakes” in bloom.  🙂

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