Day 18: Shaw’s Ice Cream & Candy Walk!

It’s Day 18 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!

My husband and I had to travel to San Francisco to sign some paperwork at a title company located on West Portal Avenue in the Twin Peaks area of San Francisco today.  We decided to take a “Papa Walk” through the shopping district in The West Portal neighborhood and felt like we’d entered some kind of time warp.  It reminded us of the small-town shopping areas of the late 1950s and ’60s.  There shaw'swere boutique clothing stores, a family shoe store, a small mom-and-pop pharmacy, markets with sidewalk displays of fruits and vegetables, and we even discovered two (two!) real, old-fashioned toy stores.  When was the last time you were in one of those?

The area was familiar to me, and I tried to figure out why.  Then, I saw it – the Shaw’s Ice Cream and Candy store.  Papa had taken me to that exact store when I was a little girl to buy a Thin Mint ice cream cone, while he indulged in his favorite Shaw’s ice cream flavor – Coffee.

The store was founded in 1931 by Douglas Shaw. Shaw’s expanded and built a large candy factory in Millbrae (near the San Francisco airport) and at one time boasted 50 store chains. Papa’s company did the plumbing for Shaw’s factory. Although the factory and the chain stores are no longer in operation, the original, historic store is still selling candy and ice cream today. What a nostalgic treat!


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