Day 25: Emergency Walk!

Day 25 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!

Today was the last day we had possession of the building Papa built. I went there early this morning to clean up a few remaining things, and as I put some garbage in the dumpster – I noticed a discarded piece of office furniture that was in the way.  I reached in to move it aside and didn’t see a piece of broken glass that was attached to it.  It sliced two deep cuts into the palm of my left hand.  I immediately cleaned the wounds and clapped tissue on them.  I applied pressure and held my hand above my heart to stop the bleeding.  But every time I lowered my hand, the bleeding would begin again.  So, I drove to the emergency room.

I parked on the 5th floor of the parking tower and took the stairs down to the ground floor.  I walked across the huge hospital campus to the emergency room and decided that this was going to count as my “Papa’s Walk” today.

After my wound was assessed and cleaned by the triage nurse, the doctor applied tape and glue to the cuts to seal them shut.  A gauze bandage completed the dressing.  I was up-to-date on my tetanus vaccine, so didn’t need a shot.  (Hooray!)  I walked back across the campus, up 5 flights of stairs (instead of taking the elevator), got into my car and drove home.

The sale of the buildings today, signaled a close to a family era.  I didn’t mind donating a few extra drops of life’s blood in order to seal the deal that will allow us to make the most of Papa’s legacy.


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