Day 27: Where’s Everyone Going?

Saturday was Day 27 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

On a short (1-mile) walk, I saw 3 different families loading their cars for a summer vacation road trip.  Watching the parents and kids lug suitcases, sports equipment, backpacks, and coolers from the house to the car reminded me of the road trips our family used to take.

Papa would load our suitcases and other trip equipment on a rack atop our station wagon and secure it firmly with rope (although that didn’t prevent a suitcase from flying off the rack and onto the road once).

Sometimes he’d get everything packed, and then we’d discover an item or two that had been forgotten. He’d have to unpack and repack to fit it all into the car. I think the delays involved in packing the car were frustrating for Papa. He must’ve reminded  himself to, “Tell Yourself You Like It,” to finish the vexing task so we could hit the road.

Once we were rolling, the songs and games would begin. One of my favorite games was “Far Sighted.” When I was a kid, my eyesight was diagnosed as “far sighted” by the pediatrician. As a child, I imagined that being far sighted was a super-ability to see things in the distance – miles away – and even to see through mountains to what was on the other side.  When I played “Far Sighted,” I would tell my family stories about what I could see beyond the horizon. I loved using my “special skill” to entertain my family on long trips.

I compiled a lot of the games my family played into a book titled, Carschooling: Over 350 Entertaining Games & Activities for Turning Travel Time Into Learning Time.  I wish I had copies of the book with me on my walk today, I would’ve given one to each of the families to ensure miles of smiles on their summer road trips.

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