Day 29: Beer Walk!

Day 29 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

Today, as I passed by a driveway, I saw a man perched atop a ladder pouring liquid from a glass measuring cup into a silver aluminum keg. The keg was perched on a high platform.  It had a hose that led from it to a keg perched below it, and then to another keg below that, and finally into a keg that sat on the ground. I could hear liquid boiling and saw steam rising from the contraption.

I stopped and asked him what he was making.  With a big grin he said, “Beer!”  I kidded him that,  “I’ll come back for a cold one when I finish my walk.” Prohibition

I was reminded that Papa’s father helped his neighbor make bootleg whiskey (in the neighbor’s  garage) during Prohibition (1920-1933), when the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol for consumption was banned throughout the U.S.  When the booze was ready for delivery, they’d put the bottles in a car that had a roll-back roof, tuck a blanket over them, and load all of the kids on top.  Then, they’d drive around making deliveries – as if they were out on a kid-friendly outing!  When the neighbor’s still blew up, it put them out of business.

Today, home-brewing is all the rage. Learn all about it at the American Homebrewers Association.

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