Day 3: Pain, Profanity, and a Police Dog!

Today is Day 3 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge. If you’re not sure what this is all about see my original post.

I took just a 30-minute walk on this sunny, cool, and breezy day.  As I started walking, my left ankle had twinges of sharp pain.  I thought about stopping but decided to try and walk it out – and after a few blocks the pain completely disappeared.  Yay! K-9 Officer

As I was walking, a police patrol car pulled up next to me.  The police officer (a woman) apparently pulled over to check notes on a clipboard. I thought it was odd that she was all alone – and then I spotted her partner, a German Shepherd K-9 officer in the back seat.  He didn’t lunge or bark at me, he just sat there staring at me and looked adorably huggable.

On the way home, I heard a man on the block ahead of me yelling profanities like a lunatic.  I stopped and listened and he continued to carry on. I remember Papa telling me that whenever I found myself in a situation that made me feel uneasy or would lead to no good, to follow my instincts and “Just take a hike – walk away from it.”  So, I decided to take a detour rather than have to pass directly in front of screaming meanie.  That’s what shortened my walking route.  Would’ve liked to sick that K-9 officer on him.  🙂

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