Day 31: Wreath Walk!

It’s Day 31 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

On my walk today, I noticed a beautiful summer door wreath. I looked for other wreaths and counted a total of seventeen (17) during the course of my jaunt through the neighborhood.  That caused me to wonder about the origin of using a wreath as a door decoration.

wreathAccording to various sources on the Internet, the wreath originated in ancient Persia as a headdress for royalty.  The Greeks and Romans also made crowns of laurel leaves that were worn on celebratory occasions.  In an article at, the author surmised that the transition from “wreaths as a head ornament” to “wreaths as a door decoration” was probably as simple as  someone loving their festival headdress so much that they displayed it by hanging it on the door.

A number of sources explained that in olden times, people of European cultures put wreaths on their doors to identify their home in the same way that house numbers are used today. Each house had a different wreath made from easily accessible natural materials.

On my walk today, I saw round and heart-shaped wreaths made of a variety of flowers and greenery, and even wreaths made from paper, corks, and seashells.  When I got home, I watched a video that shows door wreaths made from a wide variety of materials and recyclables. It also provides a brief history of the door wreath. Click here to watch the video.

I was inspired to make a wreath and found these two sites helpful:

Make A Variety of Door Wreaths  (The possibilities are limitless!)

Wreaths for Kids to Make  (If you have kids – they may enjoy these wreath craft projects.)

What’s on your door?

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