Day 35: Milk Walk!

It’s Day 35 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

A couple of weeks ago our espresso machine died. We’ve gone through several over the years. This model had been temperamental since the day we brought it last January. My husband took it back to the store (he still had the receipt), and because they didn’t have a replacement machine in stock, they gave him store credit.

We really enjoy drinking homemade lattes, so we ordered a new milk and cowmachine from  It arrived yesterday, and after preparing the machine according to the instructions last night, we were looking forward to a latte this morning. Then, the unthinkable…no milk!

I decided to take a “Papa Walk” to the mom-and-pop grocery store in our neighborhood  to buy some milk.  As I walked, I recalled how Papa always enjoyed a good cup of coffee with milk – or as the French say, café au laitClick here to learn how to make it.

I started thinking about where milk comes from and remembered that Papa, my mom, and my husband and I took a road trip through the Pacific Northwest one summer and stopped at the Tillamook Dairy and Cheese Factory in Tillamook, Oregon.

We took a fun tour of the Tillamook factory and discovered how to make cheese from cow to curd. At the Tillamook website you can take a brief virtual tour to learn about the cheese making process. CLICK HERE to enjoy the tour from the comfort of home!


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