Day 48: Guns & Guitars

Today is Day 48 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

rifleThe first thing I noticed, as I began my early morning walk, was a Coors Light beer can that had been carelessly thrown in the gutter. That made me pay attention to other litter along the way including food wrappers from Subway and Taco Bell, a coffee cup from Seven-Eleven, discarded napkins and receipts, some tissue, a cigarette package and some cigarette butts, and a tube of lipstick.

I was walking in the street and as I approached a busy street corner I took my gaze off the ground. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Directly in front of me, parked on the street, was a small, white truck. It had a canvas cover over the truck bed, and sitting right on top of the cover, on the driver’s side of the vehicle, was an acoustic guitar and a 22 caliber rifle!

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked around to see if the owner was present.  There was no one there.  I thought, “I could just walk off with these things,” and stifled a laugh as I imagined being arrested for carrying a rifle through the neighborhood.  guitarI decided to keep going and spent the rest of my walk imagining the story behind the abandoned gun and guitar.

Did a musician carry the gun for protection as he performed in seedy venues?  When he got home from his gig did he start to unload his gear but was too stoned to remember he left the guitar and rifle on the truck bed?  Did the truck driver spend the day at the rifle range and afterwards jam with some friends?  Did he get distracted unloading his truck when he got home and forget about the gun and guitar?  What could be the explanation?  Can you speculate what happened?

If you had run across these items, what would you have done?

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