Day 49: Use It or Lose it

Today is Day 49 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

Something magical occurred today. I was able to walk a little over 2 miles without slowing my pace and without feeling any muscle exhaustion or joint pain. I didn’t lose my breath and I wasn’t drenched in sweat. Suddenly, and seemingly overnight, my body is in agreement with my mind that a two mile walk is easy peasy.

Papa used to say, “Use it or lose it,” to emphasize the importance of daily exercise. For the past few years I’ve focused on keeping my fingers in shape by exercising them for hours at a time on the keyboard; but the rest of me has pretty much sat idle.

I had been worried that I’d spend all 365 days of the Papa’s Walk Challenge struggling.  But today, after 49 days of walking daily, I think I could’ve gone an extra mile. I can’t wait to try.  I’m so excited!

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