Day 53: Horse Trail Walk!

Today is Day 53 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

My friend, Debbi, has volunteered to be a combination coach/cheerleader for the Papa’s Walk Challenge.  Once-a-week, we forge new paths as she challenges me to “go the extra mile.”  Today, we walked almost 3 miles along a horse trail in Woodside, Californiagrass spider web

The first thing I noticed were the Funnel Weaver/Grass Spider webs all over the ground along the trail.  I had never seen so many.

As we walked we passed many Woodside residents out for a morning walk/run with their dogs. One woman had a blonde Golden Retriever and we stopped to pet “Maggie.” Her owner told us that Maggie, who is 11 years old, was a rescue dog. She adopted her two years ago from the NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue.

The horse trail took us under a freeway ramp and the sound of the passing traffic overhead was deafening. We crossed the road to the unpaved part of the trail that ran alongside estates with horsestables. We spotted a beautiful, chestnut brown male horse (gelding) eating his breakfast. Debbi and I paused to say hello to him and he walked right over to us. (See the picture on the left that Debbi took with her phone.)  Perhaps he thought we had some treats for him, but seemed content to be pet. He was really calm and sweet-tempered. We said goodbye to him and dodged horse patties along the trail on our way back to the car.

I told Debbi about the time our family went on a horseback trail ride. At the end of the ride everyone dismounted. There were piles of horse manure in the yard and people were complaining about the smell as they tried to avoid stepping in the piles. Papa pointed to a dried out horse patty, tapped it with his boot, and said, What are you worried about? If you step in horse s—, it’s good luck.  I’ve stepped in it and I’m lucky.”

What happened next was nothing short of bizarre. Every single person, including the trail master and a couple of complete strangers, walked over and purposely stepped on the horse patty by Papa’s boot hoping for a little luck. Papa watched them all with an amused twinkle in his eye. He knew it wasn’t the horse patty, it was believing his own words, “I’m lucky,” that gave Papa the advantage.



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1 thought on “Day 53: Horse Trail Walk!

  1. Felt I was with you on the walk
    Glad I wasn’t there
    Luck finds me without horse help
    Love is everywhere.

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