Day 70: Pelican Walk!

Yesterday was Day 70 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

My friend, Jackie, and I took a long walk along the Pacific Ocean at the Half Moon Bay State Beach.

pelicanBrown pelicans were everywhere!  They were flying in vee formation and diving into the surf to catch some fish for lunch. The birds are sort of odd and clumsy looking, but they are amazingly fluid and agile as they soar over the surf.

Pelicans have a pouch under their long bill. When they catch fish, it is scooped into their pouch along with up to 3 gallons of water! They tip their bill downward to drain the water before swallowing the fish.

The birds thrilled us with their fly-by antics, and several paused to rest on the beach cliffs near our walking path.

Click here to visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website. It has some terrific information about Brown Pelicans and some great pictures as well.


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