Day 71: Lemonade Stand Walk!

Today is Day 71 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

After walking for about a mile today, I came across two young brothers (about 7 and 9) who had set up a lemonade stand in front of their home on a no-traffic, quiet corner of their neighborhood. I asked them how business was, and they said they hadn’t sold any lemonade yet, but they hoped to make some sales as the day wore on. I didn’t have any cash with me and was disheartened that I couldn’t buy their lemonade.Lulu Lemon

I felt sorry for them. I knew their mom was probably happy to have them set up shop outside her kitchen window where she could keep an eye on them. But as any successful entrepreneur knows – when you pick a site for your business, it’s all about location, location, location! Go where the customers are located!

If they had moved their lemonade stand just two short blocks north, they would have been positioned on a thoroughfare and attracted many more thirsty patrons. (Or, they could have put a sign on the thoroughfare pointing the way to the location in front of their home.)

Papa encouraged my brother, sister, and me to be entrepreneurs, and he was always our best customer when we set up a lemonade stand.

There is an organization called Lemonade Day that encourages children to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by setting up a lemonade stand. You can get free downloadable instructions with tips for running a successful lemonade enterprise at their website.

I co-wrote an ebook, Learning with Little Lulu Lemon, that has all kinds of exciting, hands-on learning activities that parents can do with their children. All of the activities require the versatile lemon – and it includes a terrific recipe for homemade lemonade. Learn more at

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