Day 72: Sounds of the Suburbs!

Today is Day 72 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

As I left my home for a walk, I was assaulted by the sound of a jack-hammer being used by a water Turn It Downdepartment crew to repair sewer pipelines. I turned the corner and had to dodge the leaves, dust, and dirt being blown into the street by a gardener with a deafening leaf blower.

Once I got past the leaf blower the real wind kicked up and I listened to the sound of leaves rustling in the trees above me.

I also heard a father talking with his little girl, someone talking on a cell phone, a  man watering his front lawn with a garden hose, cars driving down the street, and the sound of brakes screeching.

Here is a list of the other sounds I heard: 

(Note: Click on the links to hear the sounds they make.)

On almost every block I encountered a leaf blower or lawn mower, and as I neared home I passed a tree trimmer using a thunderous wood chopper.

What do you hear on your walks?

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