Day 75: Studio City Walk!

Thursday, August 29, 2013, was  Day 75 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

We had the day off from carting gear for the band, Raiju, and decided to take advantage of the lull. We took a walk down Ventura Boulevard (a main drag through Studio City, CA) and checked out Studio Citysome local boutique shops, antique stores, coffee shops, and trendy restaurants.

One of my favorite memories of Papa, is taking a morning walk with him through the main streets of the towns and cities we visited on vacation. You get a better feel for a place when you walk through the area where the natives hang out.

Studio City is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, and is home to many celebrities and film industry players – but the heat had the starring role. It was about 95 degrees in the shade and the humidity was high. Walking outside was like walking in a sauna bath.

We headed back to the hotel to hang out on our poolside patio. Ahhhh – much better!

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