Day 77: On the Road Again

Saturday, August 31, 2013, was Day 77 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

After head-banging to the music of Raiju on Friday night, we loaded the van with the band’s gear and arrived back at our hotel room at 1:30 AM.  We got about 5 hours of sleep because we had to get up early to transport the band’s equipment from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area for their gig on Saturday night at the Oakland Metro Opera House.

I took the opportunity to walk the perimeters of parking lots at coffee shops and gas harris ranchstations at each stop along the way, culminating with a walk around the huge Harris Ranch restaurant/hotel/tourist attraction in Coalinga, CA.  (See picture at right.)

At the end of the six-hour car trip, we were greeted by the band at our home. After their gig on Friday night, their plans to couch-surf with friends fell through. So, at 2:00 AM they made the decision to drive all the way back to the Bay Area from L.A. and try to catch a few hours of sleep at our house.

We pulled into our driveway at 2:30 PM. The band’s load time at the Oakland Metro Opera house was 4:00 PM. The guys quickly unloaded the gear from our van into their individual cars and headed for the final destination on their tour. They were looking forward to partying after the gig. We were looking forward to chilling on the couch – the life of a roadie is exhausting.

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