Day 8: Take a “Summer Super Moon” Walk Tonight!

It’s Day 8 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!

I went out for a walk early this Sunday morning and was bombarded with the aromas of pancakes, waffles, French toast, and bacon cooking at every turn.  I haven’t smelled breakfast cooking on my weekday walks before, and was surprised by the gastronomic effort folks make on Sunday.  Something about families cooking and eating meals together makes me very happy! 🙂

Did you hear about the Summer Super Moon?  Tonight you’ll be able to see the largest full moon of 2013.  What a great time to go for a full moon walk!  When I was a kid, Papa playfully entertained us by howling at the full moon – and of course, we’d all join in the fun. I still howl at it from time to time.  Do  you?  If you’ve never tried it – tonight you’ll have the perfect opportunity.  The full moon will look HUGE in the night sky.  For an explanation as to why, check out these resources:

Get the latest info on the Super Moon from NASA.

Or check out National Geographic’s coverage of the Solstice Supermoon.

You may enjoy an article I wrote about the Summer Moon Illusion that’s loaded with fun “Moon Activities” you can do with little kids that the whole family will enjoy.

I’ll be walking by the light of the full summer moon tonight.  Will you?

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