Day 80: Guess the Wind Speed Walk!

Today is Day 80 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.  

I didn’t get out for a walk until 11:00 AM, and wondered if it would be too hot outside. Thankfully, I was greeted by a cool breeze that was strong enough to rustle leaves and make small tree limbs sway, cause decorative flags to wave, and annoyingly restyle my hair.FrancisBeaufort

I remembered that I had read about the Beaufort Wind Scale, created in 1806 by Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort. (See his picture on the right.)  It’s a simple rating system that was developed to estimate wind speed at sea and the effect on sailing rigs. The system was adapted to determine wind speed and its effects on land as well, that is still used today. You’ll find a copy of the scale complied by the National Weather Service by CLICKING HERE. (You can use it to determine how fast the wind is blowing in your neighborhood.)

As I listened to the wind and looked at the landscape to see its effect, I guessed the wind speed was about 20 mph.

When I got home I checked the Beaufort scale and found I was experiencing “Force 5” wind, that is classified as a “Fresh Breeze” with a wind speed of 17-21 knots.

Hmmm…how do you convert knots to miles per hour?  I found this equation: 1 Knot = 1.15077945 Miles Per Hour. So, just multiply the knots by 1.15 and you’ll know how fast the wind is moving in miles per hour.

If math isn’t your thing, you’ll be delighted to know that at I found a table that converts knots to mph and found the wind was 19-24 miles per hour. I had made a good guess!

What’s the wind speed in your neighborhood?

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