Day 84: “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here”

Today is Day 84 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

On my walk today, I noticed that the sign, “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here,” is popping up on lawns Drive Like Your Kids Live Here Signthroughout my neighborhood. It’s a big red sign that’s hard to miss. (See picture.)

In my neighborhood, the speed limit is clearly posted as 25 MPH on most residential streets. Plus, there are yellow caution signs that say “Children at Play.”  Apparently, it’s not enough, and the residents have taken to posting signs of their own to slow down the traffic. Does it work?

The signs direct people to visit the website, I went to the site and found an article by ABC News titled, Would This Convince You To Put On The Brake? Here’s an excerpt:

“If you appeal to someone’s heart, or someone’s emotions, can you get them to change behavior? It’s a standard tactic for advertisers, and now one woman has taken a page from the Madison Avenue playbook to try to influence how we drive.

“Petulia Pugliares lives on a busy residential intersection in Wethersfield, Conn., south of Hartford. Her home sits smack between two elementary schools and a high school.

“That doesn’t seem to faze the drivers though. ‘Cars go by way too fast, especially during the morning and evening commute,’ says Pugliares, who has witnessed numerous accidents, and was even struck by a car herself as she walked the neighborhood. Frustrated, she came up with a simple campaign to try to get drivers to slow down.

“Her message, printed on bright, red lawn and street signs reads, ‘Drive Like Your Kids Live Here.’

“Pugliares’ words seem to work. ‘It has that hit-home effect. It really resonates and makes them slow down,’ she told ABC News.”

I rarely see kids playing in or near the streets where the signs are posted. Kids don’t play in the streets like they did when Papa or I were children. If you’re not going to let your kid play in/near the street – what’s the point of the sign? If there are already speed limit and child safety signs erected by the city, posting more signs seems redundant. I undersand the intention behind the sign, but I’m not convinced they’re effective or needed. Frankly, I think they’re an unnecessary eyesore on the neighborhood landscape. Of course, your mileage may vary. :)

Would you slow down if you saw this sign?

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