Day 86: Chicken Squawk Walk!

Today is Day 86 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.  

Midway through my walk today, I heard chickens squawking. I paused and listened intently to see where the squawks were coming from. Theychicken were coming from the backyard of a well-manicured residence. I peeked through the wrought iron gate and saw two birds cackling up a storm in the secured driveway. They were really loud and I wondered if the neighbors ever complained.

My husband and I have toyed with the idea of raising backyard chickens, and I was inspired by this incident to look into it when I got home. I discovered that From Cities to Suburbs, Raising Backyard Chickens Is All the Rage! Seems our food sources are becoming so unreliable that people are opting for a safer source – their own backyard!

I found several helpful websites with instructions on how to raise backyard chickens such as

And at SuburbanChicken.comI learned that chickens are the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus-Rex!

I also found the Top 10 Tips for Urban and Suburban Chicken Keepers.

The one piece of advice that all of these sites give is to check your city zoning laws first. Some urban and suburban areas allow chickens but others don’t. Ordinances may limit the number of chickens you can have, and determine whether or not you can have a rooster. Find out your city zoning ordinances and codes about chickens at

My city allows residents to raise backyard chickens, but limits the number to three. What do your city ordinances say?


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