Day 95: Autumn Moon Festival Walk!

Yesterday was Day 95 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge

At 10:00 PM last night, my husband and I went for a walk by the light of the full Harvest Moon.

We live in an area where there aren’t many street lights. The light from the moon was so bright, it was like having a big celestial flashlight to illuminate the way. During our walk,  I understood how farmers were able to use the harvest moonlight to pick crops after the sun went down.  It’s really that bright.

This also happens to be the time of the Chinese Moon Festival. Chinese Moon Cake

Traditionally, “moon cakes” are eaten during the celebration. Moon cakes are little round cakes made with red bean paste that have a golden duck egg yolk in the center. Moon cakes have historical importance. According to legend, Mongolia had invaded China and ruled with a cruel regime. The Chinese people planned a rebellion on the night of the full moon. To get the word out without being detected, they passed messages inside of moon cakes. On the night of the Autumn Moon Festival, the rebels successfully overthrew the rule of the foreign invaders and established the Ming dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644). Moon cakes are eaten to commemorate this legend.


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