Day 98: Walking in the Rain

Today is Day 98 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

rain 2Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere of our planet. To welcome fall, we had the first rain of the season today. It was overcast when I left for my walk, but the skies quickly darkened and poured down rain. I was glad that I wore a raincoat with a hood. I kept my head down to avoid getting rain in my eyes.

Because I was looking down at the sidewalk, I dodged a number of earthworms and snails that were enjoying the rain shower. I might have stepped on them if I’d been looking ahead. I rarely write poetry, but for some weird reason a haiku came to mind:

Walking in the rain

Worms and snails make sidewalk trails

Raincoat keeps me dry

What does walking in the rain inspire you to do?


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