Day 99: Grass Walk!

Yesterday was Day 99 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

I am amazed by the ornamental garden grasses that are displaying tufts and plumes right now. They look so soft, I can’t help but reach out and let the feathery plumes slip through my fingers as I walk by them. There are a wide varietpurple fountain grassy blooming right now. Here are a few I saw on my walk yesterday:

By far, the most popular grass in our neighborhood is Pennisetum or Purple Fountain Grass. The pinkish-purple plumes dominate the landscape right now.

Miscanthus is another popular grass with pinkish plumes that I see regularly on my walks.

Pampas Grass is blooming right now, and kids can’t seem to resist cattailpicking the giant, white-plumed spears and staging play battles with them. Unfortunately, Pampa Grass in an invasive species that threaten native California plants. Waving the plumes around may be fun (I did it myself as a kid), but it spreads the seeds which is undesirable. (Bummer.)

When I walked by some marshes and estuaries near the ocean last week I saw lots of Cattails in bloom. Did you know they are edible? Click here to learn more.



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