Day109: Good Neighbor Walk!

Today is Day 109 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!

I had just finished climbing to the top of a steep hill when I heard a woman’s voice say, “Hi!  Can you help me? I’m up here on the roof.” 

I looked at the roofs of the houses around me and spotted a woman waving to me from her rooftop. She said, “I’m washing the windows and forgot to turn the water to the hose on. I’d rather not have to climb down the ladder to do it. Would you mind turning the water on for me?”

She directed me to the hose bib in her yard and asked me to turn the water on all the way. I followed her instructions and was showered with appreciative comments: “You’re so sweet to help me. Thank you so much. You really helped me out.”

Now that’s something that doesn’t happen every day!


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