Days 103 & 104: Stained Glass Window Walks

Yesterday and Today were Days 103 & 104 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!Stanford Stained Glass

Yesterday and today I took invigorating but uneventful walks around my neighborhood. IStanford Stained Glass 2 noticed a home with pretty stained glass window panels on each side of their front door. It reminded me of the beautiful stained glass windows I had seen at the Stanford Memorial Church.

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll recall that I walked through the Stanford University campus on Monday with my friend Debbi.  When we saw the chapel we decided to peek inside. We spent the next 20 minutes reading plaques to learn about the history of the chapel, and admiring the architecture and the beauty of the stained glass windows that surround the church. Debbi took the photos you see on this page. Enjoy!


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