Days 11 & 12: Walking Unplugged

Days 11 and 12 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!

Papa walked every day, even in his 70’s and 80’s.  On my walks yesterday and today, I observed other walkers.  I didn’t see anyone who looked to be over 70.

I saw two people who looked to be maybe 55-60 years old.  Aside from the gray in their hair, it was easy to spot them – they were unplugged.  They didn’t have earplugs connected to ipods and they didn’t carry cell phones.

Every other walker or runner I saw, was young (under 40) and plugged in.  I imagined they were listening to music, audio books, or self-actualization programs.  I worried about their safety if they couldn’t hear oncoming traffic, and I wondered if they knew they were missing the early morning bird chorus.

Some of them carried cell phones and talked as they walked.  Who did they have to talk to at 7:00 AM (PDT)?  Were they working as they walked and talking to people on the East Coast?

I enjoy the peacefulness of early morning walks – there’s generally very little traffic, the sounds of nature are all around, and I like the time alone with my own thoughts.  Walking provides a time for solitude.  It’s a luxury these days – and I think you can only get it if you’re unplugged.

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