Days 135 & 136: I Smell Smoke!

house chimneyDays 135 & 136 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!  

Yesterday and today, I got the season’s first whiff of wood-burning smoke curling from a few chimneys in the neighborhood. There’s been a real chill in the air and people are starting to use their fireplaces and stoves to warm their homes.

I love the smell of wood burning smoke. It brings back fond memories of Papa showing me how to build a fire in the fireplace and how to tend it throughout the night.

Frankly, I rue the day we discovered it’s bad for us, as the Environmental Protection Agency explains at their website, Burn Wise, where they offer tips to protect your health when heating with wood including:

•Burn dry, seasoned wood that has been split, stacked, covered and stored.

•Test wood with a moisture meter (20 percent moisture or less is best).

•Use a cleaner-burning gas or wood stove.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we run the risk of paying a $500 fine for burning wood on a “Spare the Air” DayNeighbors are encouraged to report violators – Big Brother is watching!

You can find out the air quality where you live at any time by visiting


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