Days 141 & 142: Walking with Crutches!

Days 141 & 142 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!  

I blew my knee out. I may have wrenched it moving boxes or just getting in and out of my car, but it had been delivering twinges of pain for at least a week.  On Saturday, November 2nd, I decided to take an extra long walk to  sort of work out the kinks. (That was Day 140, when I smelled the aroma of Pumpkin Bread baking.  )crutch

Anyway, everything seemed fine, but as the day progressed my knee got sorer and I was walking with a limp. By evening, the pain was so intense that I could barely stand. I needed to use crutches to get around. (Fortunately, we had a pair in the closet – leftovers from the days when my son had multiple mishaps on a skateboard.)

I rested my knee, iced it, took some Motrin, and by Sunday morning (Day 141) it was slightly better, but I still needed the crutches to get around. I rested all day Sunday but allowed myself to say that hobbling around on crutches counted as part of my “Papa Walk.”  🙂

Today, Monday, November 4, 2013, is Day 142.  I’m able to limp around without crutches, but my knee is still too weak to withstand a walk.  I think I’ll just be grateful that it’s healing and maybe let limping up and down my hallway a few times count as a “Papa Walk” today. 🙂


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