Days 23 & 24: Bankers Box Walks

Days 23 and 24 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge!

Our family made the decision to sell the three office buildings and warehouse spaces that Papa built and/or bought in the Papa at Building1960s, and we close escrow on July 11th.  One of the buildings housed his plumbing company for many years. (In the picture on the left, you can see Papa at the top of the first flight of stairs of the building he built.) After he sold his plumbing company, we continued to use his office to manage the properties that had multiple tenants.

After purging decades’ worth of files last week, I spent the past two days transferring the remaining important and useful contents into bankers boxes.  Then, I had to carry a heavy box down 2 flights of stairs, load it into my van, and climb back up the stairs to get another box.  Rinse and repeat – 37 times!  Now, those boxes have to be carted up the stairs and stored at our new location.  My quads are begging for a reprieve.In between, the “stairmaster” exercises, I’ve walked around the block of this commercial area of the city each day to fulfill my Papa’s Walk Challenge and reflect on the move and the memories.

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