Days 55 & 56: Magical History Tour & The Beatles!

Days 55 & 56 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

Redwood City 1On Day 55 I met a colleague at a restaurant in Redwood City, California, to discuss our plans for a workshop we were hosting the next day.  After lunch, we took a walk to the downtown area that turned into a self-guided history tour.  As we walked down Main Street to Broadway, we passed by the historic Sequoia Hotel where U.S. President Herbert Hoover once stayed during his term of office (1929-1933).

We walked up Broadway toward Jefferson and stopped to read a historic plaque about the Redwood City 2Redwood Creek Turning Basin.  In 1851, Redwood City was best known for its deep-water channel that ran inland to where the downtown area is now located. Named “Redwood Creek,” this channel was used by lumber companies to export timber from the redwood forests located in the peninsula hills. The ships would come in at high tide, load their cargo, and then wait for the next high tide to turn around and sail back out to the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Redwood Creek still runs underneath the downtown area. You can see where it’s located on this map of the area. The creek is shown in pale blue on the map.

As we continued our walk, we discovered another plaque that indicated the founder of Redwood City was Simon M. Mezes.  He was an attorney who received a land grant (that included what is now the downtown area) as payment for his legal services. Although the area was occupied by squatters who called their town Redwood Landing, Mezes renamed the area Mezesville. Mezes was unpopular and when a post office opened in 1856 the town was renamed Redwood City.

We learned quite a bit about the origins of Redwood City on our walking tour. Click here to watch a history video tour of the area where we walked on Day 55.

On Day 56, my husband and I walked through the downtown area of Redwood City on our way to the historic Fox Theater Redwood City concertto see the Redwood Symphony perform with The Santa Cruz White Album Ensemble.  The benefit concert, “Here Comes the Sun,” was a tribute to the Beatles and included songs from albums such as Sgt. Pepper’s, Revolver, Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road, The White Album, and Let It Be.  They also performed John Lennon’s Imagine, and Paul McCartney’s Live and Let Die.  Great evening. Glorious music!





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