Days 60 & 61: Dahlias & Pinwheels!

Yesterday and Today Were Days 60 and 61 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.   Dahlia

Yesterday, my friend, Suzanne, and I took a 2.4 mile walk with her dog, Leela. Suzanne spotted a beautiful, bright red dahlia flower (see picture at right that she took with her iPhone). Dahlias are cited as a birth flower for the month of August.

Today, as I walked alone, I noticed more dahlias in bloom and three garden pinwheel toys spinning in the summer breeze. Did you know that dahlia flowers and pinwheel toys have something in common?

mars dahliaAccording to the School of the Seasons blog, the dahlia originated in Central America. One version of the flower is called the dahlia pinnata, referring to its pinwheel-like shape. (See picture at left.) You can learn about the fascinating legend and lore about every birth-month flower at the website.

I found it serendipitous that a flower named for its pinwheel shape was bloomingpinwheel2 so close to an actual pinwheel toy that decorated the garden.  I love pinwheels!  There is something about that whimsical toy that fascinates me. As a kid, I remember blowing on it to make it spin faster.  Sometimes, Papa would let me hold a pinwheel out of the car window which caused it to whirl frantically. It was mesmerizing to watch. Pinwheels are associated with childhood play – and for some cultures they have spiritual significance. Learn all about it at

Make a Pinwheel!  Get free instructions and illustrations on how to make a simple pinwheel with just 5 things: construction paper, scissors, ruler, pencil with eraser, and a stickpin! When you’re through playing with it – set it in your garden!


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