Days 96 & 97: Squirrels!

Yesterday and Today were Days 96 and 97 of the Papa’s Walk Challenge.

squirrel-eating-nutFor the past couple of days I’ve been entertained by squirrels on my walks. They are very busy at this time of year, scurrying across sidewalks and streets, up and down trees and utility poles, across utility wires  – and almost always with an acorn in their mouth.  I’ve watched them burying nuts in gardens, raiding bird feeders, and even saw one remove the head of a sunflower and scamper away with it!

Yesterday,  I took a walk with my friend, Suzanne and her dog. The dog walked along intensely sniffing tree trunks, planter boxes, and fire hydrants – and then got totally distracted and tried to chase every squirrel that darted across her path.  It reminded me of the “Squirrel!” scenes from the Pixar movie, “Up!”  Watch this clip for a laugh. 🙂


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