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Papa’s Pearls

A Father’s Gift of Love and Wisdom to His Children and Grandchildren

By Diane Flynn Keith

And Be Inspired to Help Yourself and Your Children Live
the Happy, Productive, and Meaningful Lives You Deserve!

This engaging and uplifting memoir tells the story of how the author’s father, whom she called “Papa,” transformed his own life as a Depression Era street kid on the fast track to prison, to become the archetype of a successful self-made man and loving father.

Papa was a man of few words, but he summed up the insights he gleaned from his life experiences (learned through the school of hard knocks) in little pearls of truth that he casually, but purposefully, imparted to his children and grandchildren.

In the book, you’ll enjoy real stories that reveal Papa’s:

  • Nurturing Customs
  • Practical Advice
  • And Life Success Principles

You can use them to provide heartfelt guidance to your own sons, daughters, and grandchildren.

Moreover every person can improve their life and relationships by following Papa’s simple model revealed through his pearls of love and wisdom.

Here’s what people are saying about Papa’s Pearls:

“For centuries storytelling carried wisdom, that illusive blend of experience and intelligence, from one generation to the next. That is, until television changed the family and with it the art of storytelling forever. Reminiscent of Steinbeck, Papa’s Pearls, by Diane Flynn Keith, shares stories of her father’s life and his hard earned street smart insights: You Don’t Kick Someone When They’re Down, Ya Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do, Tell Yourself You Like It, and many others. She writes of experiences and a history we all share, personal, enduring and wise.”

~ Michael Mendizza, Founder, Touch the Future, and Co-Author with Joseph Chilton Pearce of “Magical Parent – Magical Child: The Art of Joyful Parenting”


What a wonderful story of courage, perseverance, and love! If only everyone could teach these lessons to their children it would be a different world.”

~ Mariaemma Willis, M.S., Co-Author with Victoria Kindle Hodson of “Discover Your Child’s Learning Style”


“Written in a truly delightful style, Diane Flynn Keith uses the power of story and connection to capture the deep wisdom that supports and keeps families thriving! The pearls she shares can be held by all of us as we move through every phase of our lives.”

~ Michelle Barone M.A., M.F.T, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Author of “Finding Your Way.”

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Diane Flynn Keith is first and foremost Papa’s daughter. She was born and raised on the San Francisco Peninsula, where she and her husband reared their two sons.

Diane is an alternative education specialist, parenting coach, and author of the popular book, Carschooling: Over 350 Entertaining Games & Activities To Turn Travel Time Into Learning Time.

She is the Editor-In-Chief of, and is recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in education outside the traditional classroom walls. Diane coaches thousands of parents through her websites, writing, private consultations and speaking engagements.

Diane has enjoyed nearly 20 years of experience as a featured guest expert on the topic of alternative education (especially homeschooling) for television and radio on major networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC. She has been interviewed, quoted or featured for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Jose Mercury News, and many more.

Because Ms. Keith is a renowned and trusted voice in alternative education, she is a popular Keynote Speaker at education conferences throughout the U.S.

To help parents and children reach their full potential and enjoy the extraordinary lives they deserve, Diane is sharing the wit, wisdom, and loving heart of her father through Papa’s Pearls.

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