Go Fly A Kite!

colorful_kiteSpringtime breezes stir fond memories of Papa teaching me and my siblings how to make and fly a diamond kite.  We made the kite from scratch with materials we had on hand – except for the wooden dowels that we purchased at a local hobby shop. Papa showed us how to create a tail, and attach the string, too. Then, we’d head out to an open field on a breezy day and set the kite aloft.  It was so much fun – and the best part was having Papa’s undivided time and attention.  J

If you’d like to make a simple diamond kite, here’s a terrific instructional video designed for beginners.


Note: You’ll have to watch a short commercial before the video begins. Be sure to have a paper and pencil handy to write down the materials you’ll need to assemble your kite.

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  1. Dad and I rode horses, but had little money after WW II. We would go to the stables in town, groom the horses, muck out the barn, carry water. One day, when I was five, I begged my dad to drop the lead on my pony. He hesitated, then let go of the strap that connected his horse to mine. My pony bolted, turned around, galloped across the creek, over rocks, down the street and back to the barn. I stayed on. My dad said my pony was a “leader” and the faster Dad tried to catch up on his big horse with the long legs, the wilder the pony ran. Dad’s calves were bruised to a deep purple for weeks, but I know he was proud of me. When I grew up, I had four horses of my own, talked to my dad while riding in the woods. And smiled.

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