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Papa's PearlsPapa’s Pearls has won a Gold Medal (the highest honor) in the “Family and Parenting Category” from the Global e-Book Awards, plus it has consistently received 5-star reviews from readers and book reviewers at Amazon.com. I am grateful for these acknowledgements, but what really means the most to me is when parents write to say that they have read Papa’s Pearls aloud to their children. Their kids enjoy hearing the stories about Papa’s life, the wisdom he acquired through the school of hard knocks, and his warm and loving traditions.

At the request of many parents, I have developed discussion questions to use as a guideline for talking about some of the themes in the book. Designed for the entire family (about ages 10 and up) they are interactive and range from lighthearted to thought provoking.

I hope that your time with my father’s story is made better by these discussion questions, and that you walk away from it with your own pearls to share with your family.

Just enter your email address in the opt-in box below, and you’ll receive a link to download the free Discussion Questions in a pdf file. Print them out to use as you read Papa’s Pearls aloud to your children. These questions can also be used successfully with group readings at book clubs and in support groups. Enjoy!

Diane Flynn Keith

Diane Flynn Keith
Author, Papa’s Pearls: A Father’s Gift of Love & Wisdom to His Children and Grandchildren

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